The best streets in Abbotsford

Being a local resident and having meandered my way through all of Abbosford’s hidden cul-de-sac’s, I have always taken an avid interest in the rather contrasting streets and houses in the area. With an eclectic mix of dilapidated warehouses, heritage overlay Victorian cottages, 1960 weatherboards ripe for renovation, combined with European double fronted brick veneers, as well as modern architecturally inspired homes, Abbotsford’s housing style is unique.

But what makes the perfect street? For mine, it’s a combination of location (i.e. proximity to parks, café’s, bars, restaurants and public transport), street width and facade (i.e. parking, tree lined, etc.), and importantly, housing design.

So who does have bragging rights as the best street in Abbotsford? After much research, I have come up with the following list (in no particular order):

  • Charles Street (between Langridge and Vere St)
  • Turner Street
  • Park Street (between Gipps and Vere St)
  • Trenerry Crescent.

Property sales for the 14 houses sold on these streets over the past year indicate an average sale price of $1.49m compared to Abbotsford’s median price of $1.275m. In essence, if you want to buy a property on one of these four streets, you will need to fork out an extra 16.86% above Abbotsford’s median’s house price.

But what makes these streets stand out from the bunch? Let’s take a closer look.

Park Street stretches from Victoria street all the way to Johnston street, but prime real estate is located between Gipps and Vere St, where Gahan Reserve naturally brings neighbours together and creates a vibrant community feel for families and young professionals alike. Further complementing this quiet strip is the mix of heritage overlay single and double fronted Victorian cottages standing mostly ‘detached’ directly opposite a secluded park- a rare luxury in inner Melbourne.

Turner Street, located at the northern end of Abbotsford, has a wide streetscape that is further aided by views from the front veranda stretching out to Victoria Park. Ideally located within a drop punt of Dights Falls, Victoria Park train station, as well as popular establishments such as Dr Morse and Lulie St Tavern, Turner St is arguably Abbotsford’s number one.

If Turner Street is a drop punt from Dights Falls then Trenerry Crescent is a short stap pass. Tree lined and hugging the Yarra River, Trenerry Crescent’s classical brick veneer factories turned modern apartments, provide the perfect foil for the busy inner-city lifestyle.

A quintessential ‘tree lined street’ envelopes this stretch of Charles Street, creating a beautiful streetscape that is hard to beat. Further complemented by the wide street, there is a nice mix of classical one and two story Victorian Terraces that create an impressive presence.

So next time you find yourself in Abbotsford take a moment to meander through these streets on a quiet Sunday, perhaps stopping off at one of the locally run coffee shops (Mavis the Grocer hits the spot), or otherwise take a pit stop at Lulie St Tavern for a well-earned beer.


* Property analysis only includes the sales listed on for houses sold in Abbotsford from 22 June 2016 to 1 July 2017.

* Image sourced from


One thought on “The best streets in Abbotsford

  1. The houses in the picture at the head of this post are beautiful! I didn’t find myself in Abbotsford when I was in Melbourne, but I would definitely make my way there on my return. I love that your blog is dedicated to telling us all it has to offer.


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