ABBOTSFORD: The secret is out

New café’s, new bars, property prices up nearly 30% in the past year, the home of CUB and a train line that stops at the front door of the G’- what’s not to love about Abbotsford?

Tucked away in a small pocket of Melbourne’s inner north east, the secrets of this hidden gem are well and truly out. Whether it’s the close proximity to the CBD, the sprawling grasslands surrounding the Yarra’s walking trails, the Collingwood Children’s Farm (oddly named considering its located in the heart of Abbotsford), or the many new café’s, bars and restaurants, Abbotsford ticks all the boxes.

But what makes Abbotsford truly unique is the industrial heritage and working class origins that still encapsulate the area’s history. Take a stroll through the backstreets of Abbotsford, and you will quickly notice the mix of 1960 and 70’s single fronted weatherboards, combined with converted warehouses and renovated Victorian cottages. The area of only 1.8km2 has experienced significant gentrification over recent times while still maintaining its strong heritage overlay to ensure the area’s modest beginnings and rich history are maintained. All of this complemented with new bars, cafes and restaurants such as; Dr Morse, The Carringbush, Three Bags Full, AU79, and Rita’s, ensure Abbotsford remains one of Melbourne’s best areas.

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16 thoughts on “ABBOTSFORD: The secret is out

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and following, Angus.
    I just moved from Abbotsford to Maribyrnong 7 months ago and it’s a shame you didn’t stop by my nature blog a year ago as you would have seen all my Dights Falls, Yarra River, bird & Children’s Farm images and tales of my walks. Now, I’ve deleted them all (from my blog and my photo archives).

    Abbotsford is well worth writing about with it’s fascinating history and architectural style. Best Wishes with this blog 🙂 Vicki

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    1. Further to Angus’s reply, you could also get a 200 or 207 bus from Queen Street, Melbourne city.

      It winds its way through the city, then Carlton, then Collingwood and then Abbotsford near the Yarra River bridge.

      Collingwood Children’s Farm and Abbotsford Convent (are clearly shown on street signs just before you cross the Yarra River). Upriver is Dights Falls.

      I’m sure Angus will write about them in the future.

      The 200 or 207 bus from Queen Street is the most direct route from the city centre I believe.

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  2. Hi Angus,
    Thanks for visiting my blog and following. We spent a night in Melbourne in January on our way to Tasmania and loved it. My husband was there for 3 days last week for work.
    Have you spent much time in Sydney and how would Abbotsford compare to Surry Hills? I love going there and it has inner city working class and industrial origins, Great for photography. You’ll find a few photographic tours of Surry Hills on my blog. BTW, my Dad’s family goes back to the early days of Irish settlement in Surry Hills and Paddington, which creates greater meaning and attachment to the place as well.
    Best wishes,

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  3. Hi Rowena,
    Thanks for getting in touch. I’ve only been to Surry Hills (NSW) once, but yes there are certainly are some similarities to Melbourne’s inner northern suburbs (including Abbotsford). Most noticeably, both areas are popular with millennials and ‘hipsters’ – as they are affectionately known as.

    I’m due for a visit to Sydney soon, so no doubt i’ll read up on your blog!


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